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Project Velomobile

Project Velomobile is a semester long project involving the collaboration and oversight of John McElroy to create a vehicle derived from a bicycle and an automobile.

A Velomobile is a pedal powered vehicle smaller than your standard automobile but closer to being a car than your standard bicycle. Velomobiles are intended to be used as automobiles, used for anything from commuting to extreme thrill, exhilaration and exercise. Velomobiles are expected to cost less than their automobile equivalent and reduce overall cost of one’s transportation needs.

Project Velomobile is intended to evolve the current velomobile style to a more user friendly and broader market.


MAIN Event 2012/2013

The MAIN Event Detroit Kickoff is always a special night to me.  I was presented with a trophy for my future aircraft design for the Detroit Aircraft Corporation last year.


I was privileged enough to have it featured in this year’s LTU Transportation and Industrial Design’s Innovative Designs booklet which was unveiled at this year’s MAIN Event.

DAC autoshow Spread touchup 11-22



2013 Detroit Kick Off Wrap Up

We would like to thank our sponsors for their support in making our 3rd annual event in 2013 a huge success!!